Drainage treatment cost is eliminated because washing drainage is not generated. Meanwhile, inspection speed is 2-3 times comparing with conventional water washing PT Unit. This unit realizes substantial effect on both processing capacity and environmental load.





  • No drainage treatment facility is necessary. Special solvent remover is used for washing and reused after recovery
  • Remarkable improvement of inspection capacity because of no drying process
  • Post cleaning process is not needed
  • Not applicable of Japanese Fire Prevention Law
Main Specification
Type MH-1-A (Automatic) MH-1-M (Semi-automatic)
Movement of work Transfer / Up and Down : Fully automatic Transfer : Manual Up and down : Automatic
Workpiece to be inspected Dimension : Max. W600 x D600 x H200 mm
Wight : Max. 30 Kg
Detection process Penetrating : Immersion
Washing : Steam washing and Immersion washing
Drying : Volatilization (natural drying)
Observation : Under UV light in inspection room
PT materials Penetrant : Fluorescent penetrant RP-2000C
Remover : Super Clean BP-3
Electric power AC 200/220 V±10%, 50/60 Hz, 3-phase
Air source More than 0.4 MPa, 0.5 Nm3/min
Cooling Water Industrial water
Pressure : More than 0.1 MPa
Connection : Supply 15A / Discharge 25A
Electric power consumption Normal 20 KVA
Tact time approx. 5 min.


Main Equipment
Penetrant bath Volume approx. 180 L
Immersion washing bath Volume approx. 240 L
Steam washing bath Volume approx. 100 L
Inspection room W1600 x D1500 x H2700 mm with blackout curtain
Refrigerant cooling equipment W960 x D730 x H1440 mm, 12 Kw
UV light Super-Light E-40-2 (400 W)
Basket W600 x D600 x H200 mm (6 sets)