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Concept of Eco-Glo is a fluorescent penetrant which is less harmful for human body and environment. Water washable type and water base type for hot water washing are available.

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Eco-Glo EG-2000 (Water washable Fluorescent Penetrant)

  • Easy waste water treatment. COD value can remarkably be decreased
  • Excellent water washability. Washing time and amount of washing water can be reduced
  • Less over-washing
  • Conformity with RoHS/ELV
  • Environmental friendly. Eco-Glo is made from natural materials
  • Not applicable of Japanese Organic Solvent Toxicity Prevention Regulation and PRTR

Eco-Glo EG-300 (Fluorescent Penetrant for hot water washing)

  • COD value of waste water is one half of the same of conventional penetrant
  • No over-washing by using hot water (more than 50℃)
  • Not applicable of Japanese Organic Solvent Toxicity Prevention Regulation, PRTR and Japanese Fire Prevention Law

Eco-Glo Product List

EG-2000 General purpose (water washable type)
EG-300 For Hot Water Fluorescent PT Unit (water base type)
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