Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT) Unit

tumb s-lmThis unit is composed of magnetic particle suspension spraying equipment, magnetizing equipment, magnetizing power source, inspection room, etc.
There are two types of magnetizing method, one is to pass electric current directly to the workpiece to be inspected, and the other is to magnetize the workpiece by non-contact magnet.



MPT Unit List

Name Feature  
Fully Automatic MPT System for Steel Billet (S-LM) MPT system with automatic flaw image processing btn detail
In-Line MPT System for Steel Billet (LM) In-line system, visual identification of flaw by inspector btn detail

MPT Material

top img magnaTwo types of Magnetic Particle are used in MPT. Those are Fluorescent Magnetic Particle and Non-fluorescent Magnetic Particle.




MPT Material List

Name Feature  
Eco-Magna LY-Conc. Concentrated fluorescent magnetic particle (Eco Product) btn detail
Super-Magna LY-10 Aerosol Aerosol type fluorescent magnetic particle btn detail
Super-Magna Fluorescent magnetic particle btn detail
Water Conditioner Powder type and Liquid type, Eco Product is available btn detail

Principle of MPT

btn detailMagnetic particle testing process is usually "Pre-cleaning" - "Magnetization" - "Applying magnetic particle" - "Observation" - "Post-cleaning".

Demagnetizing Equipment

Demagnetic Equipment SD Series

Demagnetizing Through Coil TypeDemagnetizing Electromagnet Type


Type SDA-40-C SDC-10-E
Demagnetizing methode Through coil methode Three-pole electromagnet type
Demagnetizing current AC40A (8000AT) AC10A (4500AT)
Power supply AC single phase, 200/220V, 50/60Hz,
Approx. 45A
AC 3phase, 200/220V, 50/60Hz,
Approx. 15A
Unit dimension D200 X W600 X H600
(through hole 300square)
D350 X W350 X H300
btn detail