Super Line-Magna (S-LM)

s-lmThis system performs fully automatic surface flaw inspection of steel billet utilizing fluorescent magnetic particle testing method while the billet being transferred on the V-roller conveyor. The flaw images captured by CCD cameras are identified through the image processing unit and the Map-data of flaw positions is created and transmitted to the upper controller. The positions of the flaw are marked by the paint markers based on the Map-data for removal in the grinding process later.


  • Fully automatic, in-line continuous inspection using CCD cameras and image processing unit, complete control from operation room thus no worker in the inspection area
  • Detecting longitudinal, transverse and corner defects simultaneously
  • Fast inspection speed, max. 40 m/min.
  • Outputting Map-data of flaw positions for each divided section of the billet surface, size of which is 100 mm (longitudinal) x 20 mm (circumferential)
Main Specification
Type of steel to be inspected Carbon steel, Low alloy steel and Special steel
Dimension Square billet 100-160 mm sq. (corner R 15-25 mm)
Billet transfer speed Max. 40 m/min.
Magnetizing method Combined magnetization with Yoke coils and Ring coil
MPT material Fluorescent magnetic particle suspension
Defects to be detected Surface breaking natural flaws (crack, scab etc.)
Detecting accuracy Longitudinal flaw (crack): more than 0.3 mm (depth) x 5.0 mm (length)
Transverse flaw (scab) : more than 0.3 mm (depth) x 5.0 mm (dia.)
(Two detecting levels can be set automatically)
Marking color Surface : White Corner : Red
Marking dimension Unit dimension approx. 15 W mm x 100 L mm
Electric power AC 400/440 V±10%, 3-phase, approx. 300 KVA
Air More than 0.4 MPa, 2.0 Nm3/min.
Water Service water 50 L/min.


Main Equipment
Billet washing equipment Water spray nozzles and Air curtain blow Approx. 800 L x 1200 H x 700 W mm
Suspension spraying equipment Suspension spray nozzles and air blow nozzles to uniform suspension on the bullet surface
Magnetizing equipment 2 sets of Yoke coils and one Ring coil
Approx. 1100 L x 1050 H x 860 W mm
CCD camera High-definition progressive scanning camera
44 W x 44 H x 78 D mm
Image processing unit Approx. 800 W x 1100 H x 600 D mm
UV light High intensity Super-Light D-150
Marking machine Surface : M-20S Corner : M-30S
Suspension supply and collection tank unit Approx. 2000 L x 1500 H x 1000 W mm
2 sets of 500 L tank
Mixing tank unit Approx. 1000 L x 1200 H x 1000 W mm
1 set 500 L tank
Blower 3.75 KW, AC 200 V, 3-phase

Inspection Procedure