superglo imgSuper-Glo

"Super-Glo" is the fluorescent penetrant to be used for higher sensitivity inspection.The principle and usage are the same as Super-Check, but UV Light is used for observation.
Qualified products by AMS and Aircraft manufacturers are also available.

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  • High-brightness fluorescent penetrant for precision inspection
  • Not corrosive to all kinds of metals
  • Stable quality to offer durability

Super-Glo Product List

Name Application
Penetrant OD-20S,OD-1800,OD-2800N General purpose (water washable)
OD-2800Ⅱ,Ⅲ Precision inspection (water washable)
RP-2000C For No-draining PT
Developer DN-600P Dry developer
DN-600S Solvent developer
DN-905D Wet developer
Penetrant P series, Developer D series,
Emulsifier R series, Remover S series
Aircraft inspection
(AMS certified)