Penetrant Testing (PT) Unit

top img ptPT Unit is indispensable for continuous penetrant testing of parts in a production line of parts factory.The PT Unit is generally composed of multiple baths, washing booth, drying room and inspection room.



PT Unit List

Name Feature  
Hot Water Fluorescent PT Unit HW-1 Washing penetrant by hot water btn detail
No-Draining PT Unit
Treatment facility for drainage is not needed btn detail
Fluorescent PT Unit MA-I Water washable fluorescent penetrant is used btn detail

Penetrant Testing (PT) Material

top img pt2MARKTEC has two types of Penetrant; visible dye penetrant (red color) and fluorescent penetrant, and three types of Developer; dry powder type, aqueous type and nonaqueous quick drying aerosol type. Cleaner/Remover is used for pre-cleaning of workpiece, removal of excess penetrant and post-cleaning of workpiece.



PT Material List

Name Feature  
Eco-Check Environmental friendly visible dye penetrant btn detail
Super-Check Visible dye penetrant btn detail
Eco-Glo Environmental friendly fluorescent penetrant btn detail
Super-Glo Fluorescent penetrant btn detail
Leak-Check material For inspection of hydraulic equipment, large pressure vessel, transmission case etc. btn detail

Principle of PT

btn detailPenetrant Testing process is usually "Pre-cleaning - Penetrating - Washing - Developing - Observation - Post-cleaning" .