supertester 450-315

Super Tester ET-1


  • High performance EC Tester for in-line use
  • Theta probe, that does not detect lift-off voltage, is used
  • Surface roughness of workpiece has less affect to flaw detection
  • No need of balance adjustment
  • Eccentricity of workpiece shall give less affect to flaw detection
  • Most suitable probe to workpiece can be selected from three different probes
  • We can provide optimum ECT system design with ET-1 to fit customer's requirement


Main Specification
Type 1ch Type ET-1-1 2ch Type ET-1-2
Detection frequency 25,50,100 KHz (remote setting)
Gain 0-60 dB variable (function setting)
Phase 0-360°variable (function setting)
Operation panel Power PBL, Frequency LED (25,50,100 Khz)
Event/Abnormal/Normal LED (each channel)
Back panel Probe connector, I/O connector, Vx,Vy output BNC connector (each channel)
Power input (AC 100V), Fuse (1A), RS232C connector
External I/O Start (IN) / Event (OUT) 1 ea. Start (IN) / Event (OUT) 2 ea.
Analog output Vx,Vy output (BNC) 1 ea. Vx,Vy output (BNC) 2 ea.
Function setting Setting software (Win. 98, Me & XP) through RS232C
Electric power AC 100V ±15% (50/60 Hz)
Dimension 210W x 140H x 230D mm
Approx. 3.2 kg Approx. 3.5 kg
Standard Set
Main instrument ET-1-1 with 1 I/O plug ET-1-2 with 2 I/O plugs
Accessory Function setting software : 1
RS232C cable (9pin x 1500L mm) : 1
BNC cable (1500L mm) : 2
Instruction manual : 1
Probe EP07A (OD 7mm)
EP11A (OD 11mm)
L type Theta probe (OD 15-30mm)
EKA-15 (1500L mm) probe cable
※ Probe Dimension: 13mm dia. X 65mm L
※ Applicable frequency: 25,50,100 kHz
Main Application
Metal materials In-line inspection of steel and non-ferrous material
Forged, casting and machined parts In-line inspection of automobile parts and mechanical parts