UV radiation intensity gradually reduces with the lapse of time.To administrate the UV radiation intensity of the UV lamps is standardized as one of the most important items among JIS, ASTM standards.
This tester is National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable.


Digital UV Light Intensity Tester UV-2500 III


  • It is able to read the UV intensity with digital numerals up to 30,000μW/cm2.
  • Since the size of UV light sensor is minimized, UV light distribution can be measured accurately.
  • Indicating the intensity of UV radiation by×10μW/cm2.
  • The measurement reading is accurate as the UV light sensor accepts the light with the wavelength of 360±20nm without being affected by other light such as visible light.
  • This tester conforms to the sensitivity of light receiver required by JIS Z 2323.
Main Specification
Measurement range 360±20nm
Measurable UV intensity range 0-30000μW/cm2
Indication Digital Type (with back-light)
Battery life Approx. 6 months (5minutes use/day)
Dimension 85 x 160 x 30 mm, 225g

 Download : Digital UV Light Intensity Tester UV-2500 III