LED Black Light : E-40LA-4B / E-40LA-5B

LED Black Light : E-40LA-4B / E-40LA-5B is stationary type, high intensity UV light that improves inspection performance and working environment. LED Black Light can be instantly on and it does not get too hot. It is safety and less power consumption.

Main Specification
Type E-40LA-4B E-40LA-5B
Electric power AC 100-240V / 50-60Hz
Lamp 90W & 110W UV lamp
UV intensity More than 5,000μW/cm2 at 500 mm. More than 5,000μW/cm2 at 600 mm.
Dimension 310L x 210W x 108.5H mm , 3 kg 425L x 425W x 93.5H mm , 8 kg