HW-1Newly developed PT system using special penetrant (Patent pending) and hot water for washing penetrant.






Newly developed water based special penetrant
  • High sensitivity
  • Not applicable of Japanese Fire Prevention Law, PRTR and other environmental regulations
  • Less load of drainage treatment facility because of low COD
Compared with conventional PT Unit
  • one half of installed space
  • two times of inspection capacity
  • one half of drainage volume
Main Specification
Workpiece to be inspected Dimension : Max. W700 x D400 x H300 mm
Wight : Max. 30 Kg
Detection process Penetrating : Spraying
Washing : Hot water
Drying : Air blow
Observation : Under UV light
Penetrant Fluorescent penetrant EG-300
Electric power AC 200/220 V±10%, 50/60 Hz, 3-phase
Air source More than 0.4 MPa, 1.0 Nm3/min, connection 40A
Cooling Water Industrial water
Pressure : More than 0.1 MPa
Connection : Supply 25A/Discharge 50A
Electric power consumption Normal 50 KVA
Tact time Approx. 2.5 min.
Main Equipment
Penetrant spray & Air blow L1630 x W1000 x H1800 mm
Rough washing
Finishing washing
L1070 x W1000 x H1800 mm (each bath)
Transfer conveyor L5200 x W1700 x H1800 mm
Penetrant supply unit L400 x W400 x H400 mm (volume approx. 50 L)
Circulating water supply unit L1200 x W600 x H410 mm (volume approx. 220 L)
Washing water supply unit L500 x W500 x H800 mm (volume approx. 180 L)
High pressure blower 11 KW, 200 V, 3-phase
Inspection room W1600 x D1500 x H2700 mm with blackout curtain
UV light Super-Light E-40-2

Detection Process