ECT System for Steel Pipe End (Type L)

This eddy current testing system automatically detects longitudinal harmful flaw on the zone of approx. 300 mm from both end of steel pipe, where used be dead zone for inspection, while pipe is turning. If a harmful flaw is detected on a pipe end, NG marking is done on the designated position of the pipe. This system is also applicable for inspection of round steel billet, round bar and nonferrous materials.
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  • Using MARKTEC original theta probe, accurate inspection with large lift-off
  • Fast inspection (during pipe turning at peripheral speed 60 m/min.)
  • Paint shot NG marking on the pipe (Option)
  • In-line automatic ECT system to fit existing production line can be designed
Main Specification
Material to be inspected Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel and Nonmagnetic metals
Outer diameter of pipe Min. diameter 50 mm
Material condition Metal structure and magnetic property shall be uniform
Peripheral velocity 60 m/min. (constant)
Probe Theta probe
Flaw Longitudinal , linear shape
Detecting accuracy Min. 0.3 mm depth x 0.5 mm width x 25 mm length artificial flaw (S/N : more than 5)
Electric power AC 200 V ±10%, 3-phase, approx. 5 KVA
Air 0.4 MPa, more than 1 m3/min. (dry)
Normal consumption : approx. 0.8 m3/min.
Grounding C-type (less than 10 ohm)