ECT System for Steel Pipe (Through type)

hkaryu1This ECT system, consisting of eddy current testing equipment, marking equipment and demagnetization equipment, automatically detects surface flaws on the steel pipe while pipe is being longitudinally transferred. After eddy current inspection, control number is marked on the good pipe by ink jet printer (IJP), and if a harmful flaw is detected, NG marking is done on the designated position of the pipe.





  • Excellent detecting accuracy is realized due to improvement of S/N by the effect of magnetic saturation device
  • Fast inspection
  • Marking control number or NG mark on the pipe (Option)
  • In-line automatic ECT system to fit existing production line can be designed
Main Specification
Material to be inspected Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel
Outer diameter of pipe 10-80 mm (tolerance±2 %)
Material condition Metal structure shall be uniform
Surface condition Normal temperature
Without weld bead
Free of water, oil and mill scale
Transfer speed 60 m/min. (constant)
Probe Encircling coil
Flaw Scab, roll mark
Detecting accuracy Groove and drill hole (JIS G 0568) artificial flaw (S/N : more than 3)
Electric power AC 200 V ±10%, 3-phase, approx. 30 KVA
Air 0.4 MPa, more than 1 m3/min. (dry)
Normal consumption : approx. 0.8 m3/min.
Grounding Independent D-type