Eco-Magna LY-Conc. Series

ecosNew series of concentrated magnetic particle suspension is eco-friendly and easy-to-use. This Eco-Magna LY-Conc. series will make it even easier to adjust density levels and reduce time spent working without scattering particle. 100 L of magnetic particle suspension is obtained from 500 mL of LY-Conc. (recommended concentration : 1.0 g/L)







  • High levels of dispersion stability and constant concentration drastically reduce the quantity consumed
  • Not applicable of PRTR, environmental friendly and safety
  • High level of storage stability enables easy-to-use by a light shake of containers
  • Easy to adjust the magnetic particle suspension with no scattering particle
  • Even application of suspension due to high level of wetting ability ensures more accurate detection of defects
  • Do not use water that includes salt nor any contamination

Eco-Magna Product List

Name Application Fluorescence Particle size Recommended conc.
LY-10 Conc. For multi-purpose
180 9μm 1.00g/L
LY-20 Conc. For high-brightness,
automated inspection
260 12μm 1.00g/L
LY-30 Conc. For precision inspection 110 4μm 1.00g/L
LY-40 Conc. For multi-purpose 125 9μm 1.00g/L

Remarks: Fluorescence is indicated as a relative value compared to standard products.
Remarks: Particle size (by laser scattering particle size distribution analyzer.)


Pour LY-Conc. into water and agitate to adjust magnetic particle suspension.

Test example (quenching crack test piece)


Result (LY-20 Conc.)