Ultraviolet Light (Black-Light)

UV Light is used for fluorescent PT, fluorescent MPT, contamination check, oil leakage check etc.New Halation filter (PAT.) eliminates 99 % of the obstructive light for better observation.

UV Light (Black-Light) List

Name Feature  
Super-Light D-40/E-40 Stationary type btn detail
Halation Eliminated Filter Elimination of obstructive visible light btn detail



UV Light Intensity Tester

top img uv2500UV radiation intensity gradually reduces with the lapse of time. This tester is used for measuring UV-A (315-400 nm) radiation intensity.

UV Light Intensity Tester List

Name Feature  
Digital UV Light Intensity Tester UV-2500 III Digital Type (with back-light) indication, Measurable intensity range:0-30000μW/cm2 btn detail



UV Light

btn detailUV Light radiates UV-A (center of wave distribution is 365 nm) and makes fluorescent materials in the flaw indication emit visible light.