SuperChecker 300

Super Checker EW-1











  • Light weight portable battery driven tester
  • Theta probe realizes high lift-off inspection
  • Flaw detection can be done through paint layer on objective surface
  • Longitudinal crack on the weld bead can be detected with parallel scanning beside the welding line
  • No frequency phase adjustment and balance adjustment are required
  • EW-1 is very effective and convenient for inspection of weld steel structure
Main Specification
Frequency/Gain 25 kHz (Fixed) / 40 dB (Variable)
Phase 0-360°(Variable)
Output Vx, Vy (Analog), Data (Digital)
Event alarm Earphone buzzer, LED
Screen 4.7-inch, color LCD
Operation switch Sheet switches (with function keys)
Electric power Built-in battery / 4 hours continuous operation (without LCD)
Dimension 220 x 100 x 38 mm, approx. 700 g
Probe EW-1P-07 (sold separately)
Main Application
Steel structure Inspection through paint layer, field inspection
Steel materials and Parts Off-line sampling inspection, field inspection