Super-Magna LY-10 Aerosol

pmagnazol300Super-Magna LY-10 Aerosol is a pre-adjusted aerosol type fluorescent magnetic particle suspension that is suitable for outdoor use such as inspection of welded structures.
Oil base type, solvent base type and water base type are available to meet different applications.



  • No adjustment work of magnetic particle concentration
  • Magnetic particle concentration is staying unchanged because of airtight container
  • Constant spray volume of magnetic particle suspension
  • Not applicable of PRTR
  • Oil base LY-10 : No need for care of rust, less toxic, odor free
    Solvent base : Rapid dry, no suspension drip even in case of spraying upward
    Water base : Using puritied water conditioner

Super-Magna Aerosol Product List

NameVehiclesFluorescenceConcentrationFilled gas
LY-10 Aerosol
Oil base 180 2.00g/L LPG
LY-10 Aerosol (rapid dry) Solvent base 180 1.50g/L LPG
LY-10 Aerosol (water) Water base 180 0.75g/L DME/CO2

Remarks: Fluorescence is indicated as a relative value compared to standard products.