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Visible penetrant flaw detection materials of MARKTEC are familiarized as the trade name "Super-Check".
Both aerosol type and canned type are available for any application and purpose, and Jumbo aerosol type (600 cc) Developer and Cleaner of U-ST series is also available.

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  • Flaw detection sensitivity is pursuant to JIS and ASTM
  • Not applicable of Japanese Specific Chemical Substances Obstacle Prevention Regulations
  • Not applicable of Japanese Organic Solvent Toxicity Prevention Regulation (U series)
  • Beneficial for enhancing working safety and health and improvement of working environment ( Not applicable of Japanese Industrial Safety and Health Law)

Super-Check Product List

Name Classification
U-ST series For general application
U-GIII series Water washable type
U-T series Low halogen, low sulfur type
U-NU/G series Non-inflammable type