Compact / high performance PT Unit using water washable fluorescent penetrant for inspection of surface breaking flaw



  • Efficient inspection of large quantity of parts with a few inspectors
  • Unit can be selected from 3 types of standard model in accordance with the size of the workpiece to be inspected
  • Custom design unit is available
Main Equipment
Penetrant bath with drain table 1 set
Emulsion bath with drain table 1 set
Washing bath with drain table and UV Light D-10B-2 1 set
Dry up equipement   1 set
Dry development equipment   1 set
Inspection room with UV Light E-40-2/D-40-2 1 set
Water heater / pressurizer   1 set

Related Standard

  • JIS-Z-2343
  • ASTM-E-1417-99 (MIL-STD-6866D)