lySuper-Magna shows fluorescence by UV radiation. Used as suspension of water or oil with conditioner.


Super-Magna Product List

NameApplicationFluorescenceParticle sizeColorASTM
LY-10 For multi-purpose
180 9μm DG meet water suspension
LY-20 For high-brightness,
automated inspection
260 12μm DG meet water suspension
LY-30 For precision inspection 110 4μm B meet water suspension
LY-40 For multi-purpose 125 9μm DG meet water suspension
LY-50 For multi-purpose
180 9μm DG meet oil suspension

Note:Color : DG = Dark green, B = Brown
Remarks: Fluorescence is indicated as a relative value compared to standard products.
Remarks: Particle size (by laser scattering particle size distribution analyzer.)

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