Demagnetizing Equipment

Demagnetizing equipment is designed and manufactured for various application.Semi-finished steel products such as billet, bloom and forged and cast parts for automobile parts can be used the demagnetizing equipment for demagnetize the remaining magnetization on the part. The specification and size of equipment can be designed by Marktec.

     Demagnetic Equipment SD Series

Demagnetizing Through Coil TypeDemagnetizing Electromagnet Type


Demagnetizing methode Through coil methode  Three-pole electromagnet type
Demagnetizing current AC40A (8000AT)  AC10A (4500AT)
Power supply AC single phase, 200/220V, 50/60Hz,
Approx. 45A
 AC 3phase, 200/220V, 50/60Hz,
Approx. 15A
Unit dimension D200 X W600 X H600
(through hole 300square)
 D350 X W350 X H300