pj-2The best selection for a high quality/large size character marking.
Paint Jet Printer PJ-2 performs the marking on the surface of up to 300℃, thus, is the most suitable for the marking of steel plates and coils.







  • Distinct dot-matrix marking
  • Failure self-diagnosis system
  • Early resumption of operation
  • Quick-drying of the paint of markings
  • High-speed marking:120m/min
Main Specification
Type PJ-2
Type of character Numerals:10、 Alphabets:26、 Symbols:28 kinds
Special letters:Max.200 kinds(can be registered)
Size of character
(H×W mm)
Nozzle angle 90° Nozzle angle 45°
61x43 (Min.) 43x30 (Min.)
142x106 (Max.) 100x74 (Max.)
Max. marking speed 120mpm:Nozzle angle 90° 85mpm:Nozzle angle 45°
Max. number of
marking character
2048 digits
(maximum text data receivable)
Marking distance 15mm
Communication I/F Ethernet(TCP/IP)
Electric power supply AC100-240V(50/60Hz)、single phase、85VA
Air supply More than 0.7MPa、1.0Nm³/min
Ambient temperature 0~45℃、without dew formation

Machine Arrangement and Character Pattern

pj-2 1
Nozzle angle 90°

pj-2 2



Nozzle angle 45°

Marking samples

sample 1
sample 2
Steel Plate