This system is installed above the plate roller transfer table and stamps characters, symbols and special marks automatically at the designated position of surface of the plate, while the plate is stopped on the roller table, in accordance with the stamping data received from host computer.


  • Fully automatic stamping in accordance with the stamping data from host computer
  • 5 pneumatic styluses are controlled independently and ensure high speed, high quality stamping. Stamping 50 characters in 11.5 seconds
  • Numerals, alphabets, symbols and special marks can be stamped
  • Stamping both longitudinal direction and transverse direction of plate by rotating the stamping head
Main Specification
Plate to be stamped Heavy Plate
Stamping Condition Dry, free of water, oil and mill scale
Temperature : Max. 300 ℃
Waviness : minus 5-plus 50 mm/m
Hardness : less than HRC 30
Installed Position Above the plate roller transfer table in plate finishing plant
Stamping Specification Stamping Type : Pneumatic stylus type
Stamping Depth : 0.1-0.2 mm
Character Size :
Alphabet, Numeral & Symbol 10 (H) x 7 (W) mm
Special Mark 10 (H) x 20 (W) mm
No. of Characters : Max. 50 in one line
Cycle Time: 11.5 sec. for 50 characters (including lowering and raising time of stamping head)
Kind of Characters : Alphabet, numeral, symbol and special mark
Main Equipment
Stamping Machine Stamping Head (5 heads), Stamping Head Case etc.
Approx. 420W x 350H x 900L mm
Data Processing Panel Sequencer (PLC), Data Distribution Device
Approx. 1200 W x 2000 H x 600 D mm
Stamping Driver Panel Approx. 600 W x 800 H x 300 D mm
Servo Driver Panel Approx. 1200 W x 2000 H x 600 D mm
Main Operation Panel Desk type
Approx. 1000W x 850 D x 800 H mm
Frame and Drive Unit Bridge type frame
Drive unit for Stamping Machine
X-axis Transverse movement
Z-axis Upward and Downward movement
W-axis Rotating movement

Stamping Sample

01 01

Stamping Sample1

01 02

Stamping Sample2