Shot Marker M20S/M30S is the squirt gun type marking equipment and performs reliable shot marking without clogging
nozzle. M20S has extensibility of system, and M30S is simply designed low price version.

m20m30 01

Shot Marker M30S

mg20ps 2

Marking Gun MG-20PS


  • Rapid response marking
  • Marking on wet surface and oily surface is possible
  • No nozzle clogging
  • Approx. 15 mm diameter one point marking
  • Paint shortage alarm is equipped
  • Air-driven pumps for paint and lubricant are used for safety measures
Main Specification
Type M20S M30S
Marking Pattern Approx. 15 mm diameter one point marking
Marking Capacity 100 shots/sec. (50 Hz), 120 shots/sec. (60 Hz)
Marking distance Max. 800 mm (Recommendation 100-200 mm)
Electric Power AC 100 V (50/60 Hz)
Ambient Temperature Normal Temperature (0-40℃)

Typical Application

  • Marking of "Inspected" work
  • Marking of position of parts to be fixed
  • Balance mark of wheel
  • Identification marking for parts
  • Marking for pass or fail of inspection