PJ-1PJ-1B offers a high quality marking at reasonable price. Every unsatisfactory result of marking as less contrast, less weather resistance, low visibility of the characters and high maintenance costs can be solved with PJ-1B.







  • Distinct dot-matrix marking with special paint
  • High speed marking (Max. 207 m/min.)
  • Easy and stabilized start-up even after one week holiday
  • Low running cost because of drop-on-demand marking
  • Light (approx. 2.6 kg) and small marking machine
  • Fully automatic operation
Main Specification
Type PJ-1B-0 PJ-1B-1 PJ-1B-2
Character Numerals: 10, Alphabets: 26, Symbols: 27,Special fonts: 100 (can be registered)
Character Size 21x23 (Min.) 15x17 (Min.) 9x11 (Min.)
48x54 (Max.) 34x38 (Max.) 21x24 (Max.)
Marking Speed 207m/min. 145m/min. 120m/min.
Marking Capacity Max. numbers of Extra large character can be marked with 4L paint
250,000 350,000 500,000
Marking Head 3.0 mm pitch / 16 nozzles
Marking Distance Distance between Marking Head and objective surface
less than 20 mm less than 20 mm less than 10 mm
Communication I/F RS 232C Serial Interface (within 19.2 Kbps)
Electric Power AC 100V (50/60 Hz) 5A or AC 220V (50/60 Hz) 2.3A
Air More than 0.4 MPa
Temperature Normal temperature without dew formation

Machine Arrangement and Character Pattern

pj-1b2PJ-1B-0 : 90° PJ-1B-1 : 45° PJ-1B-2 : 15°

Marking samples

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Type PJ-1B-0

Type PJ-1B-1

Type PJ-1B-2