Ideal for measuring the residual magnetism of object after magnetic particle inspection. There are 2 types, analog type and digital type. When probe is placed in a magnetic field. This hall probe type generates a voltage proportional to the strength of the magnetic field. The voltage is amplified and displayed on meter.
The sensor of this tesla meter adopts an InAs Hall element, it has excellent heat resistance and high accuracy.


Main Specification
  Analog Type Digital Type
  Model : HTM-2M Model : JTM-2000D
Measurement range 0-2 mT and 0-4 mT (2 ranges) 0-20 mT and 0-200 mT (2 ranges)
Measure magnetism DC DC
Polarity N, S +, -
Accuracy ±10% from full scale ±5% from full scale
Battery type 9 V. 9 V.
Size 125L x 80W x 50D mm. 145L x 80W x 40D mm.
Probe size Ø9 x 80L mm. (Cable 500 mm.) Ø8 x 100L mm. (Cable 1 m.)

 Download : Digital/Analog Tesla Meter