The microfocus X-ray system Y.Cougar distinguishes itself through its compact design and therefore requires only little space. It is ideally suited for the inspection of smaller parts

Y Cougar System
  • Rapid, high-resolution inspection results
  • Easy operation
  • Highly dynamic digital real-time image-capture chain
  • Small space requirement

Y.Cougar has been designed to meet the widest variety of inspection requirements in the electronics and automotive industries, for military projects, in aircraft construction, telecommunications and medical technology. Today it represents the most versatile microfocus X-ray solution for 2D and 3D inspections. Y Cougar X-Ray

Y Cougar X-Ray 2


Configuration and Specifications

Y Cougar product feature

Y.μCT Module with Y.QuickScan® Option

The Y.μCT module allows an in-depth look into the inner, three-dimensional construction of inspection items via virtual cross-sections and layers.

Y Cougar X-Ray 3
Download Product Sheet : Y.Cougar (PDF : 0.70MB)