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ECT System

top img ect systemWorkpiece to be inspected have various shape and their flaws are all different in size, direction and position. MARKTEC will propose a optimum ECT system for inspection of customer's particular workpiece studying most suitable probe and system design.



ECT System List

ECT System for Steel Pipe End (Type LT) Inspection of flaw on surface of pipe end
(flaw of all direction)
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ECT System for Steel Pipe End (Type L) Inspection of flaw on surface of pipe end
(longitudinal flaw)
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ECT System for Steel Pipe (Through type) Inspection of outside surface of pipe btn detail
Fully Automatic ECT System for Cylinder Block Inspection of bore part of cylinder block head btn detail

Standard Model

top img standardECT standard model is composed of oscillator for AC current, bridge circuit for measuring impedance of coil, AC amplifier, phase detector etc.



Standard Model List

Super Tester ET-1 High performance EC tester for in-line use btn detail
Super Checker EW-1 Portable EC tester btn detail
Weldprobe Inspection probe for welding bead btn detail

Principle of ECT

btn detailThe Eddy Current Testing method is used to find surface and subsurface flaws and to determine characteristics of electrical conducting materials measuring impedance of coil generated by the eddy currents.